A New Attitude

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Do you ever feel like your life is a series of themed messages being delivered to you from multiple sources? I have this happen to me often, especially when I am paying attention. The message I keep getting this January 2019 is about mindset, attitude, positive thoughts. It is showing up in the books I read, the health websites and magazines I peruse and in conversations with my sisters. It is a really cool message, and it is meant it to be shared.

Our brains are made to help us survive ad so they seek the worst-case scenario in many situations to help us stay alert to dangers, like watching out for traffic when crossing the road, or paying attention to our surroundings when we are walking in a setting that is new and therefore, strange to us. The problem with the brain is that it builds on these messages and it scares us into being over-cautious and can lead us to have negative messages repeating in our thoughts: WATCH out! Be CAREFUL! DANGER! That’s a real wear out when we are just letting these messages play in our minds. It is draining to have so many scary thoughts.

Interestingly, the more sedentary we become, sitting behind a desk or in a car, the more these messages play because we are doing nothing to combat them. I know this firsthand, because I am one of those people. If it were up to me, I would just sit all day long and read or help people through thought, conversation and guidance. But it is not healthy to sit all day, physically or emotionally, and it hurts the attitude.

Our bodies are meant to move and the movement of our legs and arms helps to clear our minds and help us relax enough to refocus. I know this firsthand. I am what you might call a dogmatic person. If I set course in a direction or have a plan to complete a project, I can be just like a dog with a bone. I will hold on to that problem and work day into the night to solve it, overcome it, or finish it! The problem with that is the brain fatigues and does not have fresh ideas or avenues to help with the problem solving. This leads to frustration and stress.

I have learned to get up and move. It refreshes my mind, energizes my body and gives me a new perspective. It is like stepping back when you have a problem so you can see the whole picture. When you are super focused on something you zoom in and lose sight of the big picture. When that happens it is hard to see how the issue you are concerned about may have other avenues.

Next time you are feeling frustrated or like you have “hit a wall” so to speak, move! Run in place, take a walk and swing those arms, dance! Go to the gym, swim, ride a bike. But move! The movement will set your mind at ease and your body’s focus will reset allowing you to see the big picture again. And it feels so good to release those endorphins which make you feel relaxed and have a sense of well-being.

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