COVID-19 A “novel” way to prepare for the future—Take Action!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

If you prepare your body, mind and spirit you will come out of this wiser and bounce back again.

While this is a scary time with this novel or new Corona Virus 19, it can be an opportunity for personal and familial growth.

Here are some actionable tips and authentic sources to get first-hand information and help prevent information overload fatigue.

Action Tips for you and your loved ones:

  • Eat healthy foods—fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains and legumes—we are providing our bodies with the nutrients we need to keep our immune systems in the best shape to fight illness. The body is amazing when we take care of it!

  • Drink lots of water... 8 glasses a day will keep you hydrated and strengthen your immune system.

  • Have faith that your body will work for you and let it do what it metabolize good food so it can do what it must do. Don’t worry or fret. That takes energy away from your body… the worries exhaust it. Instead armor up with good nutrition and exercise. Panic NOT!

  • Exercise is really important. Just because you are home does not mean you should be sitting in front of the TV or computer gathering every bit of information and forgetting to MOVE. Isometrics, walking, jumping, stretching. Keep it up over the course of each day.

  • Simple Meditations like taking deep breaths, holding, releasing and thinking about something you are grateful for a few times and repeating several times a day helps your immune system!

  • Stock up on food and cleaning supplies, but DO NOT HOARD. It’s not necessary or kind to your fellow humans.

  • Be aware of your NOSE. It is a main conduit to infection. Know that we unconsciously touch our noses 100 times a day. Awareness leads to prevention. Wash hands—thoroughly!

  • Discuss with family members. Set up an action plan with your children to help them feel they are part of the solution (as well as to learn what they are thinking so you can correct any misinformation they have).

Authentic and Trusted Sources:

  • John Hopkins Center for Health Security

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention

  • World Health Organization

  • JAMA Network Journal of American Medical Assoc.

For more information “Ask Dr. Sears” website is a great source!

Yours in Good Health, Lorna

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