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It is the Monday after Thanksgiving. It blessed me to spend time with family. We had many laughs and talks. Like so many others, I consumed too many calories over the course of the four days. I was good on Thanksgiving itself and if that were all I would have been proud. But what followed on Saturday and Sunday? Much merriment, shopping, eating, imbibing. I would not change the weekend for the world because I got to spend time with sisters who rock. But today, I must either regroup or give it up, and keep eating. I am choosing to regroup. So I am back on the I-watch-what-I-put-into-my-mouth wagon. I am rested, having had over 9 hours sleep last night. I am regarding what a wonderful time I had. I am hydrating (I did that all weekend and I am grateful I did.That is one less thing I have to remember to go back to doing). I ended my night with a cup of tea and a tooth brushing. That helps me to say no to more food. This morning, I had piece of crustless quiche I made on Friday. What are you doing to get back on track? Or what do you want to learn more about? Contact me

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