Long Life-Span or Long Health-Span?

Human beings are living longer than ever, and the over 85 population is the fastest growing segment of the population in most developed countries. But having a long-life span and a long-health span are two different things.

The standard American aging model is health until age fifty, wearing down from fifty to sixty-five, and gradually falling apart after that. But that does not have to be the case. How long we spend at the top range of health depends in large part on how we plan for it. *

You can take steps to achieve a healthier middle aged to advanced aged process. Choose to be active, with healthy brains, or to be diseased and disabled. Your lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition choices make all the difference. Starting in early adulthood is a great time. But do not think it is too late if you are in middle age already. The body has a remarkable capacity to get healthy again if you make good choices now. Get in touch with me to set up a plan for a healthy lifespan that will make the quality of your life last into your senior years. or 732-507-5595.

*Prime Time Health by William Sears, MD.

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