Nature Is a Natural Desire Now

I have realized multiple times over the years that staying in touch with nature is really important to my mental health. I have learned that many others see it that way as well. Being outside has become invaluable to so many people since COVID19 reared it ugly head. More and more people are taking strolls down the street, a thing in New Jersey that has been a rare event in the past. I am so grateful for nice weather now because it enables me to just go outside and breathe. I have not always felt like this. When I was working full time at the full speed of my ability I enjoyed a rainy Saturday that forced me to just stop for a day. Now the opposite seems to be true. I am learning many people are finding themselves getting the blues when they can not go outside for a simple walk. How are you feeling about this? Get in touch with me. I would love to hear your opinion on this.

In love and health, Lorna

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