Things I Do to Avoid Stress, and So Can You!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Stress. We all have it. And now we have a pandemic to think about. If I were the person I used to be I’d have eaten a couple of gallons of ice cream by now, or a few bags of chips, and cookies, to name a few. There are many types of stress reactions. Whether stress causes you to overeat, lose your appetite, or anything else that is unhealthy, there are many things you can do to avoid unhealthy solutions to stressful situations. I have slowly built this toolbox of anti-stressors, and believe that there is at least one here that will help you or a loved one. If you have others, please let me know!

Feel the pain. We don’t want to feel pain. It hurts. Sad or angry emotions travel through our bodies in waves, aches and pains. But there are ways to get past that by working on learning how to go through the pain to get out to the other side.

Meditate. If you think you can not do it, I’m here to say you can. Just like anything else it takes practice. I have learned a number of techniques that are simple and easy to repeat.

Exercise. I am no work out guru, but I have several things I do daily to keep in shape and take my mind off stress in the arena of stretches, moves and poses.

Listen to your body. Yes, it speaks. We can talk about what it is saying through the various ways it communicates from pain to aches to twinges, and how to know.

Journal. There are many things about which to write and many reasons why.

Socialize. Right now, that is a challenge, but we need it more than ever. We could get creative. I am sure many of you have been distance socializing for years, and so it would be fun to compare notes on this one.

Hydrate. Yes, there is something to it. It helps keep you well mentally and physically, and if you tend to overeat, it helps keep you feeling full longer. How much water you need and how to get it consumed can be fun if you are creative.

Food Log. There are a few really good reasons to log your food including planning, nutrition tracking and calorie charting.

Food Shop Consciously. Whether you overeat or just choose food poorly, selecting foods that will provide comfort, give dense nutritional value and can be kept in the house without binging is a key to this.

Select Your Clothes. Carefully choose what you are wearing from day -to-day because you are what you eat and what you wear can temper your eating.

Weigh In. It's quick and easy to do and when you get into the habit you can use this technique to control yourself.

I know this is a stressful time. I’m feeling it for myself and my friends, relatives and colleagues.

Because of this trying season, I am offering free coaching sessions to discuss these tips and brainstorm a plan for you that is sustainable and will help reduce and learn how to manage stressful situations. I will work with you to help you come up with a workable plan that is unique to your needs.

Call or text me at #732-507-5595, email me at Let’s get started soonest!

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