This Is For You

Updated: May 3, 2019

You are my ideal. You want to be a healthy weight, have energy and feel good about yourself. Your next step is to get support. You lack self-confidence to move forward. You’ve tried before and relapsed or failed and quit. But you can do it again and be successful, sustain it!

You’re in the prime of your life (a.k.a., new to or along the way in middle age). Your metabolism has slowed; it‘s become even more difficult to stay in shape. You have more responsibility; more people are depending on you and you put yourself low in the pecking order for attention. You neglect yourself. But you don’t have to stay there.

You are the person I am writing this for. You just must care for yourself. Because if you do not care for yourself you will lose the energy to care for others. Oh, not right away for many of you. You thrive and get thrills out of seeing others do well. But, mark my words, you will run out of steam. You will deplete your system if you do not start paying attention to your own needs. Your body has needs. You must tend to them. It is your job. Because you are worth it.

You deserve what the others have. You can do it. And because you want your middle age to last the longest. You are in the best season of your life. You want it to last. You are free to make your own choices. You have a little to spend on yourself because you have worked hard. You are past the struggling stage and the fumbling stage of your teens and twenties. You are free. Take yourself to the next level. Care for yourself. You are my ideal. Connect with me. 732-507-5595 or

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