What is Wellness Anyway?

When the term Health and Wellness came about, I thought initially, how redundant. If you are healthy, you are well. But, I have since for obvious reasons, as a Health and Wellness Coach researched this thoroughly and have learned that we can benefit from having a Wellness Plan. When we are young, we have health and wellness naturally in most cases. We have a natural joy for life; we have a natural curiosity; and we have natural stamina and energy. As we grow up and we are bombarded with life, and I say this in a loving way, we are surrounded by other people and that means their agendas, motives, needs and wants. This can be a daunting existence especially if we are the type of people who are sensitive to the needs of others and want to help in any way possible. Interestingly, what happens often to people like this is their wellness goes away while the wellness of those they are so diligently helping remains intact or flourishes.

Wellness is a self-directed process of achieving full potential. It includes lifestyle and well-being on a mental and spiritual basis. It is positive and affirming. Wellness is an active process and through it people become more aware of and make choices toward a more fulfilling existence, or lifestyle. Wellness involves learning what a person needs to be healthy and content in life apart from what others around them need. One of my favorite stories is about young Mother Teresa who has recently been canonized a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. At the beginning of her mission vocation, she was overwhelmed by the needs of people and did not want to stop giving and giving to others. One day, her mother superior stopped her and asked her when she would rest. Young Teresa emphatically exclaimed there was much work to do, and there would be no rest until it was done! Mother Superior told the young nun that part of her job was to take care of herself, or she would have nothing left to give to others because she would not be well!

How true, and how true! True because it is something we are all every single one of us, finite beings who need to have the proper amount of rest, aka sleep, proper nutrients, aka whole foods and water, and relaxation time, aka hobbies, quiet and peaceful or adventurous and exciting tasks, that recharge us and keep us well. And true because I hear so many people say, I have no time for sleep! I have too much to do! I do not feel well, but it is more of a hassle to stay home than to go to work. Hobbies, ha! Who has time! Cooking, really, does anyone do that anymore? Why should I cook when so many others prepare foods and sell them in stores for my convenience? (I have been guilty of all these statements) I wonder if in bypassing these wellness activities we are living or merely existing.

As I look at quotes from Mother Teresa, I can not help but believe she listened to her mother superior. She provides unconditional love, joy and peace in her words to anyone who wishes to read them. She, too, despite all her good grace and wisdom, was finite. But her life goes on because she took the time to feel the joy and pass it along to others. I hope that your day contains rest, healthy nutrients and some relaxation leading to a revival of your joy, curiosity and stamina. That is wellness.

If you are on a wellness journey, no matter what stage, I’d love to hear from you! Please comment below or get directly in touch with me. You are remarkable. You deserve a Wellness Plan. Namaste.

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